Elina Jaatinen

Elina is a Journey Practitioner, coach, speaker and author, who’s worked in the field of holistic wellness since 2010. In all work that she does, be it with with individuals or groups , she summons from the deep personal journey that she’s been on for many years, continuous professional training and a wide experience in personal development and wellbeing.

She’s fascinated with the limitless human potential, the body as a healing machine and the changes that are possible through inner work. The Journey has been the most profound healing and transformation tool in her personal life and with humility she still keeps being in awe at each and every seminar and each and every Journey process with a client about the depth of the experience in Truth that is The Journey.

Having suffered from depression at two stages in her life and only with dealing with the roots of the depression, has she been able to bring her attention and later let go of the patterns that have been driving the depression. She remains in deep gratitude for such a profound change, opening, healing and growing that has been possible through working with the Journey tools.

Her deepest wish is for this work to find it’s way to everyone who wishes to start living life fully, because that’s what the Journey can enable, and she knows from personal experience!

She works with individuals as well as groups and leads The Journey in Finland. Her first book in Finnish Omassa voimassa (Basam Books 2019) came out in the fall of 2019.

For more information (in Finnish) please visit www.elinajaatinen.com