Ibolya Domján

I’m Ibolya Domján, born and living in Hungary. I’m blessed with a childhood of growing up in an open-minded, big family. I turned toward self-awareness at the age of 20, during a personally challenging period – being a mother and getting a divorce at such a young age – which turned to become a highly blessed time of my life. As I understood themes and patterns which I ran into again and again, I took responsibility for my decisions and became a single mother.

I got a degree in Social Pedagogue and also in Graphology while I became a mother of a growing and growing family with my new partner.

During this time when I tried and used many methods and teachings to guide me through life, I happened to read The Journey book too. It was an immediate and final falling in love with it. I went to a seminar as soon as I could (in 2007) and it was everything it promised, everything my soul recognized while reading. I heard and understood that my heart’s deepest prayer is to serve Grace as it asks me to. So I began to process with friends and relatives, but kept the desire to work with the Journey in my heart. I’m in love with the depths of this work, with the simple truth of presence, and passionately use the power of surrender and acceptance in our women’s retreats and my everyday life as well.

The next decade was dedicated to my children – now I’m a mother of 6 – but as soon as I felt I had time to complete the Practitioner Program, I did so. So after 10 years of using the Journey in my personal life, I became a Practitioner in 2017 and since that time I’m working not just as a practitioner, but also on bringing The Journey back to Hungary. My prayer is to bring it to my country, so whoever needs this help, should know about it.