Irit Lifshitz

Born and raised in Israel, Computer engineer by education and formerly a High-Tec executive.

Irit met the Journey first in May 2010 and fell in love with it from the very first day. After offering her services as translator and events manager for Journey events, she was asked to become the promoter of Journey events and representative for The Journey in Israel. Soon after, she was asked by Brandon to present the Journey seminars in Israel, in Hebrew.

Irit takes care of the Journey with every fibre of her being and dedicates time to flourish the community of Journey grads and Journey practitioners, as well as spearhead the word and message of the Journey to new circles. She offers many specialised and local events as well as taking care of international Journey events.

Her deepest prayer is that the Journey reaches all levels of society everywhere and that all people will have access to this wisdom and experience the freedom, love and light that is our own essence.

“There is nothing more spiritual than being Here and Now, and the Journey brings you directly to that place”.