Kevin Billett

Kevin Billett has partnered with Brandon Bays in The Journey for some 18 years. He is co-founder and CEO of The Journey companies and has co-designed with Brandon many of the curriculum events. He is pioneer of the Visionary Leadership Programme, Out of the Blue and The Enneagram Masterclass

Leading consciousness-based workshops and retreats, Kevin points us to the unconscious patterns that have kept us small, and offers specific process work to strip away life’s limiting and painful conditioning – the ingrained fears, beliefs, vows and rules – and allow us to uncover the authentic greatness and genius potential that has always been inside us all.

Kevin’s main focus is bringing the power of this paradigm shifting and transformative work to individuals who recognise that they are not living to their highest and deepest potential. He is continually developing new work and is currently writing a book on freedom from depression.

Kevin also presents Healing with Conscious Communication and The Enneagram Masterclass and co-presents with Brandon The Journey’s most powerful course, Freedom from the Ego retreat.

He is loved for his disarming sense of humor, his warmth and down-to-earth straightforwardness. His willingness to expose the unguarded truth in himself relaxes people and allows them to personally explore the blocks and veils that have limited them, open into the deepest experience of their own potential and apply it in all areas of life – career, finances, relationship, home, recreation, sport and creativity. Some of his groundbreaking work is included in ‘Consciousness The New Currency,’ a book addressing our blocks to real abundance, which Kevin co-authored with Brandon Bays.

Kevin’s greatest love is facilitating the deepest realization of our human potential.