Lydia Hoyland

Lydia was first introduced to The Journey by her mother who attended the live Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays in 2000. Her first experience of The Journey process work was so profound that it sent her on a journey of self-discovery, liberation and freedom. After completing her Journey Accreditation in 2004, she accepted the position of coordinator and administrator for Journey Outreach South Africa. In 2005, she became a Director of the Section (21) company.

She has a deep passion for working with those less fortunate who would otherwise not have access to this kind of work, and seeing them become uplifted and liberated. Her prayer to help such people was answered by the beautiful projects through Journey Outreach. Lydia has since had the immense blessing of working with children and adults in the rural communities of South Africa as well as in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

Lydia has a creative and innovative approach to life and is compassionate and caring, with an extremely sensitive social conscience and consciousness. She’s enthusiastic and immerses herself totally in all the projects she’s involved with. Idealistic by nature, Lydia has the capacity to inspire all people who cross her path, be they employees, colleagues or Journey clients. Since 2008, Lydia has been presenting Journey seminars in South Africa and Africa.