Patricia Cihodaru

Patricia Cihodaru combines her passion for ”The Journey” method with 20+ years of experience as a psychologist specialized on psychological counseling, cognitive-behavioural, experiential and transpersonal psychotherapy, emotional health of children and teenagers, as well as creativity trainer and emotional health and intelligence promoter.

Patricia is author of the book “Genius of emotions: A Guide to the hidden Intelligence of the Soul” (with a foreword written by Brandon Bays), as well as co-author and translator of several personal development books. She met the ”The Journey” in 2011, immediately felt at home and underwent the whole Accredited Journey Practitioner Programme. From that moment on, ”The
Journey” became part of every day of Patricia’s life, as she uses it both in her personal growth and in assisting her patients.

In 2013 she became co-organizer of the “Journey” events in Romania and since then offered numerous lectures, workshops and one-to-one sessions of ”The Journey” method, which she considers a therapeutic masterpiece and promotes through her entire professional activity (http://patriciacihodaru.blogspot.ro/, www.patriciacihodaru.ro).