Sharon Sedgwick-Wilcock

Sharon first heard about The Journey while searching for an emotional healing tool for her pregnant clients. For more than 25 years as a doula, childbirth educator, and woman’s workshop leader, Sharon noticed unnecessary complications in many women who had everything it takes physically to have a healthy, joyful birth. She noticed emotional blocks, deep-seated fears, abuse and childhood trauma often caused these problems.

After her first Journey Intensive in the fall of 2003, Sharon began using The Journey processes with her clients, and immediately noticed a huge difference in their birthing experience and their lives. She’s among the first Certified Journey Practitioners in the US, having completed The Journey Practitioners training in 2004/05 in the UK with Brandon Bays. She’s also a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

Through her experiences as a businesswoman, childbirth professional, and in marketing and graphic design, Sharon has found that ordinary people can create extraordinary results and bring their greatest dreams to fruition if they can just get past the fear and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Finding and using tools to help people transform, excel, and reach their full potential, has always been one of her greatest joys.

Sharon creates a safe environment to facilitate people opening into who they really are in love, joy, freedom and self-empowerment. She especially enjoys leading women’s retreats/workshops and red tent sessions and is currently writing a book, ‘Graceful Pregnancy’.