Yollana Shore

Yollana has been walking alongside The Journey as a practitioner, trainer, event coordinator and team member since she first discovered The Journey when she was 20 years old. Now in her early 40s, Yollana recognises the gift of The Journey as an everpresent doorway into the ‘miracle field’ of grace and healing, to the infinite potential that we all hold inside.

For over 20 years, she has used The Journey to support herself, her clients and her loved ones whenever they have navigated life transitions, or faced physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. And it is her prayer that every household in Australasia, and indeed the world, should have access to the profound tools for healing and awakening that The Journey offers.

Through the Journey, Yollana discovered that part of her life’s purpose is to “hold a space for healing and revelation”. As such, she brings a depth of grace and ease, insight and clarity to her role as presenter for The Journey in Australasia.

Alongside her work with The Journey, Yollana is a published author and podcast host. She founded Awakening Leadership to provide transformational coaching, training and facilitation to business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who want to make a more meaningful impact in the world.

She lives close to the beautiful beaches and rainforests of Byron Bay, Australia, with her two children, partner, and extended family.