The Journey Family…

The Journey runs events across the globe in multiple languages. Here are some of the people who make this possible. Our international presenters is not only trained as a Journey Practitioner, most of them have been with The Journey over many years. They co-host many of our entry-level retreats and support you during the events and in our community.

Gaby Burt


Gaby Burt is a native Austrian and a businesswoman. She first experienced The Journey in 1996…

Arnold Timmerman


Netherlands born Arnold Timmerman completed his Journey Practitioner Program in 2004.

Yollana Shore


Yollana has been walking alongside The Journey as a practitioner, trainer, event coordinator and team member since she first discovered The Journey…

Elina Jaatinen


Elina is a Journey Practitioner, coach, speaker and author, who’s worked in the field of holistic wellness since 2010.

Jean-Luc Milis


Born in Belgium Jean Luc first encountered the Journey in 2010 and following his first Journey Intensive completed the full practitioner’s programme in July 2011.

Bettina Hallifax


Bettina was one of the first people from Germany to complete the Journey Practitioner Program.

Ibolya Domján


I’m Ibolya Domján, born and living in Hungary. I’m blessed with a childhood of growing up in an open-minded, big family.

Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri


International author, speaker and trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a heart centered, dynamic and engaging Journey presenter.

Irit Lifshitz


Born and raised in Israel, Computer engineer by education and formerly a High-Tec executive.

Sharon Sedgwick-Wilcock

North America

Sharon first heard about The Journey while searching for an emotional healing tool for her pregnant clients.

Roxana Ionan Gabor-Iliescu

She fell in love with The Journey Method while being a successful Romanian journalist searching for answers to the famous question – Who am I and What am I doing here?

John Pinnoy

South Africa

Born in South Africa in 1959, John completed matric in 1997 at St Benedict’s College in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Lydia Hoyland

South Africa

Lydia was first introduced to The Journey by her mother who attended the live Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays in 2000.

Lars Hornborg

Lars’s passion is facilitating leadership, development and change in individuals and organisations.

Debra Billett

United Kingdom

Debra has a wealth of Journey experience and has been involved with Journeywork almost since the very beginning.

Bohdana Nadas

Bohdana, who was formerly an executive producer for Czech television, came across The Journey in 2010 and immediately fell in love with it.

Irene Kaljuste

Irene has been supporting and training people in Estonia in the field of body-mind wellness since 2007.

Daniel Wagner


Daniel attended his first Journey Intensive back in 2016. A marketing expert and strategist, he’s supporting the vision of the founders to make the Journey tools accessible to the world.