What makes a healthy relationship? What we learned from 58 years of marriage…

With half of marriages ending in divorce, what is the secret to lasting and fulfilling relationships?

Join Gaby Burt, her husband Cliff and Claire and Arnold Timmerman in this special Real Talk Session on what makes their relationships last and fulfilled.

In this live broadcast we will share some of what has and what hasn’t worked in our marriages and how this might help you in your life. Disclaimer: We are not relationship counselors, but in true Real Talk fashion share what we believe made our relationships last for 40 and 18 years. You might even get some last minute tips for Valentine’s Day!

In this Real Talk session we will:

• Share how we have navigate through personal issues, difficulties and conflicts

• Talk about our personal Do’s and Dont’s in our relationships

• Explain the importance of vows, commitment and acceptance

• Touch on why we choose relationship focussed Journey work over couple counselling

• Invite your personal questions to this special open discussion and forum.